[AG-TECH] Multiple screen data conferencing in AG2.0?

Randy Groves randy.groves at Boeing.Com
Tue Jul 29 14:56:56 CDT 2003

I'm working my way up to having time to really investigate 2.0 and the 
shared presentation and browser.

My question before the fact is - has AG2.0 solved the problem of being able 
to display the applications on a screen other than the main 
screen?   Webex, VNC, and Netmeeting all seem to ignore the fact that there 
are other screens configured.  At least, we've not been able to configure 
them to do so yet.

This is a major missing piece in the utility of the AG.

Yes - I know that the inSors folks have a still image capability that does, 
I believe, show up in any screen.

Or perhaps there's additional software that I should be investigating - wb, 


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