[AG-TECH] Access Grid logo artwork?

Darran Edmundson darran.edmundson at anu.edu.au
Wed Jul 30 00:21:09 CDT 2003

We are putting the finishing touches on our new
AG node.  Part of the room upgrade was a solid 
security door and steel frame.  I'm about to
paint the door and was considering putting the
Access Grid logo on.  Questions:

1) Is the current logo likely to stay around for a 
   few years

2) If so, does anyone have a vector rather than raster
   version of the logo (postscript, illustrator, etc.)?


P.S.  I'm also installing a contact switch.  Opening or 
      closing the door will trigger the original Star Trek
      "scchhhht" sliding door sound on the room's audio ;-)

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