[AG-TECH] Room node hardware problems

Cindy Sievers sievers at lanl.gov
Tue Jul 29 08:13:11 CDT 2003

OK, this is not my day.....
My room node died...over the weekend we had a power outage, and probably a 
power spike when things came back up.  My display machine is completely 
hosed, no video what so ever. It does have power, fans are working ok, but 
no video.  The audio and video machines boot up with a Hardware Monitor 
error - 3.3 voltage error...they come up after ignoring the error, then 
hang after a few minutes.
I thought I recalled seeing something about a voltage incompatability with 
the video cards - could this be related?
If I need to replace machines, what's the preferred configuration these 
days?  Do we have an updated hardware spec doc?
Oh woe is me.........

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