[AG-TECH] AG 2.0 single node specifications

Collins, Sharon COLLINSS at MAIL.ECU.EDU
Tue Jul 29 07:53:34 CDT 2003

I am working on building a single desktop node for the AG 2.0.  I have been
using the PIG software, but would now like to upgrade.  Also, there are four
other locations I am working with that need new workstations (they will be
Dell pcs) and while I am ordering, these need to be configured for the AG
2.0 single desktop node as well.  Is there a place on the AG site to find
the hardware specifications for the single-node or can they be emailed to
me? In the past, the specs for the PIG machines have been on the site, but I
am unable to locate them for the 2.0 version.
Thanks so much for your help.  
Sharon Collins
Stragetic Initiatives
CDLT Project Team Lead
209 Cotanche St, Room 171
Greenville, NC  27858
collinss at mail.ecu.edu <mailto:collinss at mail.ecu.edu> 
252.328.9126 (phone)
252.328.4258 (fax)
"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and
dance like nobody's watching." --Mark Twain
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