[AG-TECH] 'Yellow' flash in vic

Jeff Schwab jrs at purdue.edu
Thu Jul 10 20:49:04 CDT 2003

	The problem that I saw was an "orange" flash related to cpu loading
on a pig when using multiple Osprey video capture cards.  I could cause
occasional flashes with a single Osprey card, but it took some serious cpu
slamming to cause it in that configuration.  Multicast was not an issue.

	The solution (read: kludge) for our case was a small software hack
that raised the relative cpu priority of the video capture processes under
the Ag 1.2 release.

	I have not encountered the "yellow flash" multicast related problem
that other people have mentioned so I don't know if there is any relation
between the two phenomena.


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I've noticed recently that some of my machines (I thought it was only on 
one that has a single 2.4GHz Xeon, but now I'm seeing it on a dual), that 
there is sometimes a yellow flash that occurs on some of the cameras.  I've 
not done any tracking of type, graphics card, etc., but I'm wondering if 
this is a known occurrence, and if there is any info as to whether it is 
overloaded CPU, lack of memory, insufficient graphics card or none of the 

And if there's a FAQ that I can peruse - just whack me up-side the head 
with it!



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