[AG-TECH] SC Global Preliminary Program

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Jul 10 16:10:03 CDT 2003

Colleagues and Friends,

I am happy to announce that the SC Global Preliminary Program has been posted on the SC03 web site, linked in from:


SC Global 2003 will feature presentations by speakers from 16 remote locations representing 7 countries plus 5 sovereign tribal nations, distributed across 4 continents. We will link the Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center with additional Access Grid nodes worldwide throughout the course of this three-day event.

SC Global strongly encourages participating nodes to use version 2 of AG Toolkit (AGTk) software, in order to most fully participate in all SC Global sessions. We will run AGTk 2.x on the conference node in Phoenix, and the SC Global Venues will be built on an AGTk 2.x Virtual Venues Server. We will also use software provided by inSORS, and resources provided by Internet2, to record the sessions for later playback.

Argonne National Laboratory will hold a tutorial about AG 2.x in early September, organized primarily for SC Global participating sites; details will be posted at www.accessgrid.org as they become available. I hope to see you at this tutorial.

Detailed information about SC Global, including how to participate as a remote site, is available at:


Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, Chair SC Global 2003
On behalf of the SC Global Committee:
* Deputy Chair: Jackie Kern, NCSA, US
* General Producer: Jeff Carpenter, NCSA, US
* Technical Director: Mike Daw, University of Manchester, UK
* Node Manager: Jim Miller, inSORS Integrated Communications, US
* Networking Manager: Eric Gauthier, Boston University, US
* Networking Specialist: Michael Robson, University of Manchester, UK
* Remote Sites Manager: Martin Sczimarowsky, Forschungszentrum Juelich (Juelich Research Center), Germany
* Recording Specialist: Jonathan Tyman, Internet2, US
* Liaison to AG Development Team: Ivan Judson, ANL, US
* Outreach Specialist for Asia/Pacific: Kazuyuki Shudo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan
* Volunteer Liaison: Barbara Kucera, NCSA, US
* Evaluation Specialist: Michelle Linster-Glenn, Winston-Salem State University, US 
* Archivist: Julia Mullen, Worchester Polytechnic Institute, US
* Committee Members at Large: Stephen Booth, University of Edinburgh, UK; Terry Disz, ANL, US; Vikram Gazula, U Kentucky, US; Greg Goddard, UF, US; Bob Olson, ANL, US; Chris Osland, CLRC RAL, UK; Linda Winkler, ANL, US

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