[AG-TECH] Best Video card for VIC

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at nsf.gov
Fri Jul 11 05:19:32 CDT 2003

I don't know why where I came up with the FireGL card, I must of been 
reading a video card article or something and my brain probably burped 
when typing the post. Interesting point with the the console using the 
Matrox (PCI slot card), It did not dawn on me. I guess I forgot that the 
AGP card was being used for the display screen.

Thanks for clarifying what I should of been saying!

To the others that responded...thanks! Guess I should do some 
proofreading before I post :-)

-Doug B

Nate Scheidler wrote:

>Hey Doug,
>Part of the issue might rest in the secondary card (Matrox PCI) which
>was driving the control console. It doesn't have the bandwidth available
>that the AGP card does. We are looking at a 4 port AGP card being
>released in September as a possible solution to this problem. BTW, your
>AGP card is an Nvidia Quadro 900XGL.... Same as Darin Oman has. FireGL
>is an ATI product, and doesn't support DualView.... Dualview is
>necessary to incorporate your plasma screens, because it allows for
>multiple resolutions on the extended desktop.
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>Recently we had a Grid meeting and due to the fact that there were too 
>many windows on the console screen, the video card could not handle it 
>(it was a NVIDIA FireGL card).
>Assuming the problem is bandwidth on the AGP bus (please correct me if I
>am wrong), has anybody used some of the new AGP 8x cards like the 
>wildcat 4 from 3dlabs?
>Administratively of course the correct solution is to request sites to 
>limit the number of cameras used when joining an event. The problem was 
>that during this meeting we had many ad-hoc sites.
>-Doug Baggett

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