[AG-TECH] Access Grid

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue Jul 8 10:34:59 CDT 2003


One source of information you might want to check out is the tutorials by the AG Training Project:


Some of the hardware information is a bit out of date (we're working on fixing that, as well as updating the rest of the tutorials to include more information about version 2.x), but still provides a reasonable amount of context. There's also an overview for decision makers that might be helpful; you can print out a PDF version of it that's handy for talking to others in your organization too.



> Hi, Mike Mitchell with IL Dept. of Corrections Telecomm Dept. I have some
> questions on how this service works. Currently we have VTEL TC2000 ESA
> Platform videoconference systems that use T-1's. Would Access Grid eliminate
> these units? What kind of equipment would I need to buy to create my own
> node(s). Would I still need my own T-1's? Also if you could provide any cost
> figures that would help. If you have a technical brochure or pamphlet that
> can be sent by mail, that would be great. Thanks for your assistance.
> Attn: Mike Mitchell, Telecomm
> IL Dept. of Corrections
> 1301 Concordia Court
> Springfield, IL 62794

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