[AG-TECH] Triggering red light bulb with VIC - seriously!!!

Carter, Tameka ttcarter at bnl.gov
Thu Jul 3 13:40:01 CDT 2003

I wrote a little java program (I have been learning java) and inserted a
line or so in the source for rat to trigger an On Air button for the folks
here at Brookhaven.  It is nothing complicated; communication between the
programs happens via sockets.

Tameka Carter
Information Technology Division
Emerging Software Technology Group
Brookhaven National Laboratory
(631) 344-5582
ttcarter at bnl.gov

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We were brainstorming about why people think they can "Chat" in the the 
background while other people are talking during a grid session and my 
boss was wondering if there was a way to trigger a Red light bulb (like 
in the old Radio studio days) when the vic transmit check box is 
selected to indicate we were "on air"

I was thinking that If there was a way to detect it, it would be fairly 
easy to write some perl to trigger something home-made through the 
serial port (at least on linux).

Can anybody think of a way to detect "transmit" in ovic or uclvic?


Doug B

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