[AG-TECH] Issue with RedHat 7.2, rat, and full duplex

Colin Perkins csp at isi.edu
Tue Feb 25 15:04:57 CST 2003

--> Robert Olson writes:
>ah, that'd be the probelm. The delta is sort of a funky device. Notice that 
>it shows up as having separate input and output devices, not unified full 
>duplex in/out devices.
>I think that for rat to work properly with this device it will require 
>modifications to the rat audio driver to use the different devices for 
>input and output.

Correct. I wrote some code to try to cope with this (e.g. look at the 
oss_test_device_pair() routine in auddev_oss.c), but it never quite
worked right, and I didn't have the hardware to test on...


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