[AG-TECH] Issue with RedHat 7.2, rat, and full duplex

Colin Perkins csp at isi.edu
Tue Feb 25 14:30:59 CST 2003

--> "David Bradford" writes:
>  Russ Wolf has been helping me set up our audio machine, and we've
>encountered a problem.  As he has the exact same problem on one of his
>machines with a different audio card and setup (I am using oss and he built
>a driver into his kernel), we don't think it's an issue with the card.
>  When we try to start up rat-debug, we get:
>  1736:mbus_config.c:661 using Addr: Port:47000 Scope:HOSTLOCAL for MBUS
>  1736:process.c:83 PATH=/usr/local/ag/debug-bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/ag/bin:.
>  1737:main_ui.c:104 rat-ui started argc=5
>  1737:mbus_config.c:661 using Addr: Port:47000 Scope:HOSTLOCAL for MBUS
>  1737:main_ui.c:118 Waiting for mbus.waiting(rat-token-761a2e82) from controller...
>  1737:main_ui.c:120 ...got it
>  1737:main_ui.c:126 Waiting for mbus.go(rat-token-761a2e82) from controller...
>  1736:process.c:83 PATH=3D/usr/local/ag/debug-bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/ag/bin:.:.
>  1736:main_control.c:509 Waiting for rat-token-588e0344 from media engine...
>  1738:main_engine.c:88 token[0] = rat-token-588e0344
>  1738:auddev_oss.c:185 device mask for /dev/mixer0:
>  1738:auddev_oss.c:197 recording mask for /dev/mixer0:
>  1738:auddev_oss.c:267 testing /dev/dsp0 support for full duplex operation: no
>Any ideas would be most welcome, as this seems to be the last issue standing
>between me and a working grid node.  Thanks in advance for any help,

The linux device driver is telling rat that your soundcard does not support
full duplex operation. This is a common bug with the linux drivers.

You could try using the commercial OSS sound driver, or maybe ALSA. Or try
a different sound card.


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