[AG-TECH] PowerPoint in AG 2.0

Milinowicz, Anthony [NCSUS] amilinow at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
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We have been using RPPT for a while now, and honestly I can most of our
issues have come from stress testing it.  At first glance it seems to work
well, and is much better than Distributed PowerPoint, but we have had issues
where the server will just disconnect or a client won't be able to connect
and then the server needs to be restarted and so on.  There also seems to be
an issue with having spaces in the filenames.  Despite the documentation, we
have been able to push it a little and run multiple clients and servers and
clients on the same machine using different ports, to try to create seamless
transitions from presenting to viewing and vice versa.  This does eventually
cause problems where both stop working and need to be restarted :)

There just seems to be too many complications and worries around showing a
powerpoint file and for normal users to operate.  It would be great if it
could somehow be as simple as it is to view a slide show, or even have it in
a VIC window somehow as a high res video feed.



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The next version of Distributed Powerpoint called Remote PowerPoint (RPPT)
is available and in my opinion seems stable enough for download and usage
(note, I have not really stress-tested it yet...but it seems to work

Some nice features include using GUI for setup (no more config file) and
embedded animations and video are permitted in slides.

Boston University had a seminar on RPPT many times already.  You can view
the slides at: http://scv.bu.edu/accessgrid/seminars/archives.html.


On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Milinowicz, Anthony [NCSUS] wrote:

> Has anyone thought of making any changes to the current PowerPoint
> for AG 2.0?  The current way of using this seems generally unstable and
> user friendly.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Anthony Milinowicz
> Johnson & Johnson NCS
> amilinow at ncsus.jnj.com <mailto:amilinow at ncsus.jnj.com> 
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