[AG-TECH] Running Venues Server Alpha2

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Feb 17 09:01:26 CST 2003

Ah the beauty of software releases.

Here's a Quick Start:

1) Get proxy credentials :-)
	This is either grid-proxy-init on linux, or wgpi.exe on windows.

2) run VenueServer.py
	This is the actual venue server. It defaults to listening for
connections on port 8000 but that's also an argument that can be passed on
the command-line (if I remember right).

3) run VenueManagement.py
	This is the management UI. You point it at your venue server which
is a url of the form: https://host:port/VenueServer, I'll explain this in a
bit more detail. The URL has to start with https, we're doing secure stuff.
The host:port should be obvious, it is a URL. The VenueServer is the service
at that host:port that you are connecting to.

See if that gets you started!


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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Running Venues Server Alpha2
> I've downloaded and installed the RPMs 
> AccessGrid-2.0alpha-2.i386.rpm and 
> AccessGrid-VenueServer-2.0alpha-2.i386.rpm.
> I'm not sure what I need to do to run the Venue Server.
> Here's what I guessed at:
> Run /usr/bin/VenueManagement.py
> This gets me an interesting looking GUI. When I press 'Go', 
> these are the last few lines of output:
> ...
>   File 
> "/var/tmp/pyGlobus-cvs/usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/pyGlobu
> s/io.py", line 658, in connect
> pyGlobus.io.GSITCPSocketException: authentication failed:
>     Problem with local credentials
>     GSS status: major:00070000 minor: 000003fd token: 00000000
> I didn't want to report a bug, because I suspect there's 
> something I should be doing before this ("authentication 
> failed" seems like a giveaway...).
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