[AG-TECH] Multicast Address Use in AG2

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Feb 11 09:21:32 CST 2003

> > 2) We will host a transitional AG2 Venue Server that is initialized 
> > with the AG1 venues (same name, description, topology, and media 
> > streams) so that AG2
> > users can collaborate with AG1 users. We will get this 
> built as soon as
> > possible.
> It might be that my question has been answered implicitly in 
> Ivan's message, but that I just don't know enough to realize that :)
> So, there is currently a fairly large set of static IP 
> assignments courtesy of ANL - current institutions seem to 
> have their own pairs, along with the traditional venues.  
> Will these static assignments ultimately vanish after the 
> transition, or will this new policy apply only to new, future 
> venues?  Or, somewhere in between (e.g. retain things like 
> Test Room and AG Lobby as statically assigned IP pairs)?

Yes, after the transition the current static addresses in the current venues
will vanish. It might be advantageous to keep the venues themselves for

The transition will take a long time (in computer time) -- things won't
vanish until at least after SCGlobal. Perhap early 2004, but they will go
away eventually, unless somehow magically we get some operational support
infrastructure (people and money).

Sorry that wasn't more clear.


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