[AG-TECH] Mobile rack or cabinet for hardware

Doug Bowman bowman at mvoice.com
Tue Dec 16 13:35:59 CST 2003

We spec the Middle Atlantic PTRK-14 or -21 rack. It is robust, comes 
with rubber wheeled casters, side handles and removable, locking front 
and rear doors. They also have free planning software available for 
download. (Requires MS Visio.)

1-800- 266-7225

Doug Bowman
Mediavoice Communications Inc.

Randy Groves wrote:

> If you have the capital, I would recommend the inSors cube.  Very 
> nicely done engineering job.  I am dealing with a couple of issues 
> with using the Winnov Videum four-port card, since I am not using the 
> inSors software, but instead the Argonne suite.  It looks like the 
> solution may be within reach, but I've not had the minutes to string 
> together the past few weeks.
> -randy
> At 04:29 PM 12/15/2003, Adrian Wells wrote:
>> Hello all!  I am in the process of planning a fairly small (18 ft x 
>> 22 ft) Access Grid node/room.  During this planning stage, I came 
>> across a couple images of a "portable" Access Grid configuration:  
>> http://apps.internet2.edu/portable-ag.html
>> I like the use of the cabinet displayed on that web page.  It would 
>> nice to tuck everything (PC, echo canceler, amplifier, power 
>> conditioner, etc) away into a mobile rack/cabinet.  Does anyone know 
>> which manufactures make mobile racks or cabinets
>> like those pictured in the above URL?  Any experiences with them 
>> and/or recommendations about such containers?
>> One possible issue - I'm hoping to a put a PC with the dimensions 
>> (WxHxD) of 8.89" x 19.87" x 19.8" in cabinet that contains 19" 
>> (preferably lying the PC on its side rather than the standard tower 
>> orientation).  (For the curious - the listed
>> dimensions are for a Dell Precision 650 workstation according to 
>> Dell's site).
>> Thank you,
>> -Adrian
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