[AG-TECH] Mobile rack or cabinet for hardware

Whitson, William I. whitson at purdue.edu
Tue Dec 16 07:04:10 CST 2003

> Hello all!  I am in the process of planning a fairly small (18 ft x 22
> Access Grid node/room.  During this planning stage, I came across a
> images of a "portable" Access Grid configuration:
> http://apps.internet2.edu/portable-ag.html
> I like the use of the cabinet displayed on that web page.  It would
> to tuck everything (PC, echo canceler, amplifier, power conditioner,
> away into a mobile rack/cabinet.  Does anyone know which manufactures
> mobile racks or cabinets like those pictured in the above URL?  Any 
> experiences with them and/or recommendations about such containers?

We use a "Media Director" cabinet from Spectrum Industries for a PIG.
It's very solid, has plenty of room for equipment, and has locking doors
-- see

for more information.  This cabinet is about 30x48" and our PIG fits
pretty nicely in a corner of a room that's very close to the same size
as the one you describe.  Spectrum makes a "Link" video conference
cabinet that's about 30x36" in case you're looking for something

	Bill Whitson (wiw at purdue.edu)
	Manager, Research Computing
	Information Technology at Purdue

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