[AG-TECH] Single computer node and good projectors

Stuart Levy slevy at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 11 10:59:14 CST 2003

>No bulb replacements?! Wow. Our Epsons require new bulbs about once a year.
>Considering their expense (£300 / $500ish for each bulb), this is quite a
>problem. Is it just the Epsons that need so many new bulbs or is it that we
>just use them more than you...?

Some projectors have lamp-output controls, so you can run them in
less-bright-but-longer-life mode.  Anybody use those?

We have a pair of JVC G150CL's (not being used in an AG, but who cares)
whose rated bulb life is 1000 hours in "normal" mode, and 1900 hours in
"lamp output control" mode when set to minimum brightness,
which is still quite bright.


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