[AG-TECH] Certificates for simple CA

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Dec 1 08:23:15 CST 2003

Hi Himani,

Currently the AGTk does not support making requests to a certificate
authority other than the ag developers ca. You would need to request the
certificate from that CA using whatever means are available (perhaps
grid-cert-req if you have it setup, or the CA might have a request process

We will consider steps necessary to make this possible in the future.



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> HI all , 
> I wish to generate certificate to be submitted to the simple CA , 
> on another LINUX machine here . I have imported the Trusted 
> Cert file (.o) 
> and the signing policy file to the directory of trusted Certs. 
> What else is to be done to generate certificate requests for 
> a simple CA 
> and not the CA at Argonne ? 
> Regards 
> Himani Gandhi 

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