[AG-TECH] more on linux

Dave Semeraro semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Sat Apr 26 09:59:49 CDT 2003

Hi again ag-tech,

Ivan and I have been going around on my connection problem. I thought I 
would bring the rest
of you who are interested up to speed. After much anxiety we took a deep 
breath and decided
to start fresh. I did in fact reinstall redhat linux ( 7.3 this time ). I 
then did a binary install of all
the prerequisite and AG related software. It went as smooth as silk. No 
problems. Then I had
to replace a disk in our cluster but that is another matter....

I now have a virgin 7.3 install with the AG2.0 beta3 binary release. You 
guessed it, the dreaded
invalid url when I try to connect to vv2:9000. I did remember to do a 
grid-proxy-init after the
new linux install. Actually I saved my .globus directory before I creamed 
the previous linux and
replaced it after I reinstalled. Now I dont know if that may have caused 
problems or not. I am
not a globus guru. Also, I am not running a firewall of any sort. No 
ipchains or iptables. I try to
connect to vv2 by running VenueClient.py. I just type that from my home 
directory as user
semeraro not root. Then I press the go button and get the, by now, expected 

I can start a venue server on this newly minted linux box and connect to it 
via the venue client
again on the same linux box. So that is something I guess.

I have attached the VenueClient.log to this mail in case it will be of any 

I appreciate any insight you folks can give. I thought several heads might 
be better than two
in this case. Especially because one of the two is mine.

I do have one unrelated question. I am trying to monkey around with this 
software on a linux
laptop that is not connected to the network. I get an error telling me my 
globus_host env variable
is not set and my network is not set up correctly. Have any of you tried to 
play with this on
a machine that was not on the net? Any ideas on env setup that will allow 
me to do this. I
would like to play around out on the deck this afternoon while I watch my 
daughter cut the grass...

Have a good weekend,

Dave Semeraro Ph.D.
Visualization and Virtual Environments Group
NCSA University of Illinois
605 E. Springfield Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820
Semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
(217) 244-1852
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