[AG-TECH] more on linux

Ti Leggett leggett at mcs.anl.gov
Sat Apr 26 10:33:54 CDT 2003

<snip snip>

> I do have one unrelated question. I am trying to monkey around with this 
> software on a linux
> laptop that is not connected to the network. I get an error telling me my 
> globus_host env variable
> is not set and my network is not set up correctly. Have any of you tried to 
> play with this on
> a machine that was not on the net? Any ideas on env setup that will allow 
> me to do this. I
> would like to play around out on the deck this afternoon while I watch my 
> daughter cut the grass...

You could try setting GLOBUS_HOSTNAME to localhost. I'm not sure if this
would work:

export GLOBUS_HOSTNAME=localhost


setenv GLOBUS_HOSTNAME localhost

Good luck.

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