[AG-TECH] Positional audio testing

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Apr 17 13:08:11 CDT 2003

Hi everybody,

Nice to see so many of you at the AG retreat -- it was a great time!

Robert Putnam of Boston University is currently running some tests of 
positional audio on the AG (ie, so that the rat stream pans from left to 
right, depending on the position of the video stream(s) from the site 
which is speaking). In order to test it, he needs to lurk in some 
meetings. If you're having any meetings over the AG in the next week and 
would be willing to let him sit in on them, please send him mail 
(putnam at bu.edu) and cc me (jtvh at bu.edu). He's not interested in the 
content of the meeting, only in whether the audio stream goes to the 
right places as the speakers converse. You don't have to install 
anything new to participate in the testing, or do anything special, just 
hold your meeting as usuall.

Your help will be very much appreciated!


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