[AG-TECH] beacon crashes all the time

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Wed Apr 2 21:56:26 CST 2003

I think there are too many beacons running for me to get the beacon 
client running on my linux box.  I always see the following after I 
start it up:

Beacon is running with :
         localhost     = vrvs-ag.internet2.edu
         group         =
         port          = 56464
         ttl           = 127
         user          = beacon
         beacon server = beaconserver.accessgrid.org:9997

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 8192
         at Report.createReportBuffer(Report.java:253)
         at Report.run(Report.java:60)

this seems similar to the problem reported in:

I tried to change the "final static int maxReportPacketSize = 8192; // 
approximately enough for 80 beacons" in the Beacon.java file to 16384 - 
but I still get the same message.  For my final experiment, I strated 
the beacon using the following shell script from nlanr:

# Multicast Beacon startup script for non-AG beacons

# this version runs under Java1.1 and Java1.2
# compile the program using a stable java implementation on your platform
cd /usr/local/ag/apps/beacon_v0.63/beacon
/usr/local/ag/jre1.2.2/bin/java  Beacon \
         -group      $multicast_group \
         -port       $multicast_port \
         -server     $beacon_server \
         -serverport $server_port \
         -ttl        $time_to_live \
         -name       $user_name

it ran forever ... which makes me think I need to find some way to make 
the 8192 value in Beacon.java larger ... so how come when I change it to 
16384 in Beacon.java it still reports 8192 in the error message?  Is 
there any hope that I can fix this  (without convincing my friends to 
quite running their beacons long enough for me to get mine running ... 
of course one of them will then be punished ...)

Have I lost my mind?

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