[AG-TECH] PCI specs

Christoph Willing chris at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Wed Apr 2 17:30:34 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 07:34, Andrew Shewmaker wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 April 2003 12:30 pm, Andrew Daviel wrote:
> > I'm now looking at Tyan Thunder MB which seems to have 5V PCI ...
> Would that be the Thunder K7X - S2468?  We bought one because the
> specs and the picture indicated that it could take 4x 5v video capture
> cards.  Well, the 5V 64-bit slot didn't work with our Hauppauge WinTV-dbx
> model 401 cards.  I wasn't the one who tried it, but I guess it wouldn't even
> boot.
> It looks like Tyan has made several BIOS updates that we haven't tried, but
> one of our cards went bad and we haven't really needed more than 3 cameras,
> so we haven't tried the updates yet.
> We have been looking at multi-channel video capture cards.  Originally the
> Falcon Quattro, but then we were pointed to the EAGLE Quatrro since we
> needed s-video inputs.  See http://www3.sympatico.ca/4mvision/FrameGr.htm
> -Andrew

The easy way out is to avoid mobos with mixed PCI slots. We've had
trouble with that issue in other contexts (video editing).

For dual Xeon with 5 PCI slots, _all_ 32bit, we use Tyan's S2668. Its
very new so local suppliers may not have it yet. See
	http://www.ipspty.com.au/board/intel/2668.htm (which is we bought ours
from). There are two models: the S2668ANR has onboard gigabit ethernet
and serial IDE. The onboard sound is too new to use with ALSA drivers
that are compatible with current version of rat, but we add a PCI-128
card and that works fine with ALSA.

For a single P4 with 6 PCI slots, _all_ 32bit, we have used Soltek's
SL-85 ERV 533Mhz FSB board as basis for single machine AG node, see
http://www.soltekusa.com/product/showproduct.php?productid=1041102305 .
They also have an "L" version with onboard network card, but its only
10/100Mb and we preferred to install separate gigabit NIC.

For multi-channel video capture, we use IVC-200, see
We bought ours through
http://www.icp-australia.com.au/DataSheets/IVC200G.html. The supplied
binary driver didn't work for us so we hacked the Linux kernel driver
(bttv). Patches for this are at
http://www.ap-accessgrid.org/linux/ivc.html and they've  been added to
the bttv maintainers stable release (version 0.7.106), see
http://www.bytesex.org/bttv .

We've had this card in the dual Xeon S2668 mobo with a Quadro4 380XGL
(AGP) and 2x GeForce4 MX420 (PCI) cards to test as a single machine
Linux AG node. Its a ripper! We're now using it for our AG2 testing.


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