Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Apr 2 13:44:21 CST 2003

My understanding (perhaps limited) is that one cannot use VTC on a PIG. 
You may want to look into whether QuickBridges could be made available 
for the sessions you will participate in, since QuickBridge and PIG play 
together quite nicely.

- Jennifer

Gheni Abla wrote:

>I am trying to setup a PIG. While our network people are working on
>multicast and firewall issues, I wanted to feed my PIG with unicast
>connection using multisession bridge.  
>I registered it and got bridge access approved. I downloaded, installed
>vtc into C:\ag\agapps\bin and added this directory to the path variable.
>Then I started virtual venues, entered JackFrostRoom and saw following
>bridge assignments:
>audio: vtc JackFrostRoom_audio bridge-2.accessgrid.org audio 
>display: vtc JackFrostRoom_video bridge-2.accessgrid.org display 
>video: vtc JackFrostRoom_video bridge-2.accessgrid.org video 
>Then, I executed the following command: 
>C:\ag\agapps\bin>vtc JackFrostRoom_audio bridge-2.accessgrid.org audio 
>connected to bridge at
>vtconnect meeting_name bridge_address password
>But, it didn't start an instance of rat. Other vtc commands for display
>and video generated same message, but didn't start anything.
>What is wrong with my PIG?

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