[AG-TECH] EventListener and QuickBridge integration

Michael Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Wed Apr 2 02:12:47 CST 2003

I'd say that it sounds like a great solution to the AG1.x problem. However,
I guess the hope is that we'll all be on AG2.x in the next few months, so it
would seem a shame to put a lot of work into something that may soon be

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the Town Hall meeting yesterday, but I saw
the subject was Network Failover and (presumably) the integration of
QuickBridge into AG2. So either the equivalent work's been done, or it's
scheduled, or it should be scheduled. If it's the last, perhaps you could
jump in and put the effort you were going to expend on AG1.x into AG2.x
instead...? But that's for you and the ANL gang to work out.


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> Hi,
> I just want to check with people here to see if anyone has the same
> situation as ours and done some work on it.
> We're using AccessGrid 1.x on our site. Unfortunately we have to rely on
> QuickBridge here because our campus multicast network support is broken,
> and the networking group cannot give us an estimate as to when it would
> be fixed. Fortunately we were able to get a dedicated node at some other
> site which has very reliable multicast connections so we can
> control it to
> work as a QuickBridge.
> We could setup our AG site through extra manual steps as described in the
> AccessGrid QuickBridge HOWTO document, but we want to eliminate as much
> manual effort as possible so that it won't look prohibitive to
> operate for
> our non-techie guys. I'm considering of hacking a BridgeResourceManager
> on the QuickBridge node similiar to DisplayResourceManager. I understand
> that our situation also requires a little change in the EventServer but
> that shouldn't cost us too much time.
> I will be very appreciative to hear any comments, concerns, or your
> experience if you have worked on the similiar situation and worked out
> some solutions.
> Thank you very much.
> --
> Wei Deng
> Pablo Research Group
> Department of Computer Science
> University of Illinois

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