[AG-TECH] Special Announcement: Multiple Stream Berkeley MIG Seminar in Software

Paul Salva psalva at virtualvenue.org
Thu Sep 19 20:14:53 CDT 2002

It was very interesting and they have a nice appliance on their hands.
Although I wanted to point out that other then what they do with their
"Channelized Multicast" for announcements (which is in effect a Virtual
Venue and a VVP Channel selector combined), you can pretty much accomplish
what their product dose, and a whole lot more, with the PIG or ConferenceXP.
They seem to use multicast the traditional way and do not take advantage of
virtual rooms or SSM.

FYI - we developed a browser based desktop application as a proof of concept
prototype for the Illinois State Board of Education and the Chicago Public
Schools, code named the Virtual Schools System (VSS), to show K-12 educators
what can be done with this technology and how you can in fact create virtual
online classrooms.  We used a single server (all Linux) AG box as an
instructor's workstation, although at the desktop we did NOT transmit their
video stream back into the classroom, but this can easily be accomplished by
adding VIC.  Check it out at
http://www.virtualvenue.net/VSSv1_files/frame.htm and click on the slides on
the left hand side for a presentation of what this system can do.

If anyone wants the source code just let me know.  It is free to the
education and research community although not for commercial use.

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> Hi -
> We are doing a special webcast today that you might find interesting.
> You can watch two high-quality streams (i.e., audio/video and graphics)
> using software.  The total webcast should be under 1.5 Mbs.  You will
> need to install Quicktime and go to the following <a
> href="http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/dss/embedded2.html">web page</a>. Sadly,
> you will need to use Internet Explorer - we are still diagnosing a bug
> with NN 4.7.  This link will show the live webcast from 12-1.30 PDT.
> The speaker today, Hank Magnuski, will be explaining the technology used
> to produce the webcast.  Further info on the webcast is available at
> http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/bibs/instance?prog=1&group=25&inst=860.
> Larry
> p.s. Sorry to innundate you with repeated announcements about this
> week's seminar.  I forgot to send the early announcement last week which
> is why I sent the previous two announcements.  And, Hank and my staff
> have done a lot of work to make this 2-stream high quality webcast
> available this week - I am guilty of crowing a little too much about
> what we're doing!  :)!
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