[AG-TECH] [SEMINAR] MIG Seminar Wed 9/18: "Making Multicast Easy: The Design and Implementation of the NCast Telepresenter"

Lawrence A. Rowe Rowe at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 17 16:30:46 CDT 2002

                             BERKELEY MIG SEMINAR

Title: Making Multicast Easy: The Design and Implementation
	of the NCast Telepresenter
Speaker: Hank Magnuski (NCast Corp)
Day/Date: Wed Sept 18 12:00-1:30 PM (PDT)


This talk will focus on an innovative new product which makes multicast
multimedia communications easy to use and practical for commercial and
industrial customers. 

Converting university research on multicast into a commercially viable
product is not a simple task and requires focus on a well defined market
segment and application, attention to issues such as ease of use,
reliability, user interface, cost and feature sets, and thorough field
testing and quality control. 

The NCast Telepresenter M2 is the first fully integrated network
appliance that uses multicast technology to implement n-way interactive
collaboration and presentation sessions, with rich multimedia streams
utilizing MPEG-2 video, high-resolution graphics and hi-fi audio. The
speaker will discuss "channelized multicast" as technique for reducing
the complexity of multicast usage within an organization, and comment on
the need for a hi-res graphics channel, not currently found in
contemporary video-conferencing equipment.

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