[AG-TECH] request for demo participants

Julia Shiela Mullen jsm at WPI.EDU
Tue Sep 17 15:10:12 CDT 2002

Hi -

This is a follow-up to a message that I posted
last month regarding human factors and the
Access Grid.  Jennifer Teig von Hoffman has
generously agreed to give Lorin Jakubek, the undergraduate
student working on the project, a demo of the
AG Wednesday Sept 18th at 3pm EDT.  We will be
meeting in the Lucky Labrador room.  It would
be great if some of the folks who have an
interest in projects associated with human factors
could come and meet Lorin.  Lorin is a senior
chemistry major at WPI and this project fulfills
her graduation requirement to complete a project
which investigates the interaction of society and
technology.  Lorin is still trying to narrow her
topic area, and we hope that tomorrow's demo and
discussions will help her develop and exciting

Thank you - hope to see you tomorrow afternoon.


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