[AG-TECH] Vic question

Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS] AHeisen at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
Mon Sep 16 10:51:59 CDT 2002

Has anyone ever seen the following problem?...

Periodically during a sesion, our vics turn off transmitting for a while,
then turn it back on on their own. (in the settings dialogue, transmit
actually becomes unchecked.)  this has happenned on two machines running
win2k and XP independently. We're wondering if it could be network related;
could disruptions in mulicast traffic somehow trip vic into not
transmitting?  These machines have been running stably for sometime, only
the network beneath them has changed. 

If you've ever seen something like this or know a possible cause, please let
me know.  Thanks!
Andrew Heisen
Associate Analyst
J&J Networking & Computing Services
(908) 685-3388
acheisen at ncsus.jnj.com
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