[AG-TECH] Need to Borrow an SC2002 AGN

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Sat Sep 14 19:55:49 CDT 2002


I'll be in Baltimore for SC2002 in November, and would like
to teach my courses remotely via AG (as I'm doing now from
Fairbanks).  They're held on Tu/Th from 20:00-21:30 Eastern
time.  I wonder if any of you who will have an AGN set up at
SC2002 might allow me to use it for this purpose at those
times?  I assume this would require my needing special permission
to be on the exhibition floor "after hours?"

Alternatively, I "could" do this with just a couple of I2 network
connections, using one laptop for a PIG and another for dppt?
Would anybody have any ideas on who I might contact at SC2002
to facilitate any of this?


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   Department of Computer Science       The University of Montana
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