[AG-TECH] Vic question

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Sep 16 11:43:56 CDT 2002

Wow, that's bizarre. I've not seen that before. Is this the PIG mash vic?


At 11:51 AM 9/16/2002 -0400, Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS] wrote:

>Has anyone ever seen the following problem?...
>Periodically during a sesion, our vics turn off transmitting for a while, 
>then turn it back on on their own. (in the settings dialogue, transmit 
>actually becomes unchecked.)  this has happenned on two machines running 
>win2k and XP independently. We're wondering if it could be network 
>related; could disruptions in mulicast traffic somehow trip vic into not 
>transmitting?  These machines have been running stably for sometime, only 
>the network beneath them has changed.
>If you've ever seen something like this or know a possible cause, please 
>let me know.  Thanks!
>Andrew Heisen
>Associate Analyst
>J&J Networking & Computing Services
>(908) 685-3388
>acheisen at ncsus.jnj.com
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