[AG-TECH] Room names usingd VV Server

Shawn Davis wdavis at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 10 03:00:59 CDT 2002

This is due to the fact that the released venues server code does not make 
a call to the mud upon editing its name.  The xml-rpc method for modifying 
the room name in the mud exists in the provided code, but the function that 
handles the name change on the venues server does not make use of it.  A 
slight modification of the name change function would fix this problem.

And I believe the added "The" in front of room names is done by default on 
the mud.  As far as I know, there's nothing that can be done about it 
without modification of the mud's core database.

At 06:11 PM 9/9/2002, Christoph Willing wrote:
>We have the VV server software successfully running here on a test
>machine, prior to making it generally available for the Asia Pacific
>time zone.
>The only problem so far is fairly minor, perhaps someone could suggest a
>fix? It appears that once a room has been created, editing its name does
>not change in a client's mud session
>i.e. changing the default "The First Room" to "APAG Lobby" has no effect
>in the mud - the name on the web interface is OK (says "APAG Lobby") but
>tkMOO-lite still says that the user is in "The First Room"
>another example: I initially created a room called "Test". I later
>changed its name to "Test Room". Now the web interface lists and moves
>to the "Test Room" as expected however in tkMOO it is announced as "The
>Test" (not sure where the "The" came from).
>This is running on a fresh RH7.1 with a make install of ag-vv-1.0.02
>over the top of an rpm installed ag-vv-1.0.00-1.i386.rpm.
>Any ideas?
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