[AG-TECH] Berkeley MIG Seminar: "Designing Responsive Software Despite Performance Limitations" J. Johnson

Lawrence A. Rowe Rowe at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 9 18:40:39 CDT 2002

Berkeley MIG Seminar

Title: "Designing Responsive Software Despite Performance Limitations"
Speaker: Jeff Johnson (UI Wizards, Inc.)
Date/Time: Wed Sept 11, 2002 12-1.30 PDT
Many of today's interactive software products and services are not
responsive enough. Responsiveness is one of the most important factors
in determining customer satisfaction with software and online services,
but it is continually slighted by developers. This tutorial
distinguishes responsiveness from performance and points out that
need not limit responsiveness. It explains that the user-computer
interface is a real-time interface, with time-constraints that software
must satisfy in order to be perceived as responsive. The tutorial also
techniques for improving responsiveness despite limited or fluctuating
processing resources. Many examples are provided of responsive and
unresponsive systems.

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