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Johnson & Johnson is interested as well.  Our lab has running a full HDTV
(various camera's) section with a real-time editor.  We have in the past
tested the Net2FX product for streaming and will look more into the other
software being mentioned.  We have also tried to get HDTV video into VIC -
but we have found limited capture cards in this arena.

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from me..

>basicaly i would like to hear your opinion if a
>high definition video access grid/multicast audio/video conference
>system would be posible and which requayerments such a system would 
>have on the network and computing equipment...

replay from Colin Perkins <csp at purple.nge.isi.edu>

It would certainly be possible, provided you have sufficient network
bandwidth and high-definition cameras (indeed, we have an NSF-funded project
to work towards this which will be starting later this year).

We've run tests over Internet2, with gigabit Ethernet LANs, and it works
well (although this only gives capacity for a unicast stream, and needs
careful monitoring from the network operations staff). Our hosts are Dell
PowerEdge 2500 servers (dual 1.2GHz PIII, dual 64bit PCI slots) with HDTV
camera and video capture card. The host cost approx. $100k at the time we
bought it (this included $80k for the camera, which should be much cheaper

You can find an early version of our software, plus more details of the
hardware needed, at http://www.csperkins.org/hdtv/download.html. We plan to
make more advanced versions of the software available in future.....

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