[AG-TECH] high definition video, high resolution multichanelaudio AG WG !?

Bart Kerver bart.kerver at surfnet.nl
Thu Sep 5 12:40:40 CDT 2002

> > I think this is *exactly* the right place to start the discussion.
> > Perhaps the best way is to ask for people to respond if interested and
> > schedule an AG meeting :-).
> I for one, AM INTERESTED, for the record.

We at SURFnet are interested in this initiative too.

We conducted some tests with Bob Riddle based on the RTPtv software for
MJPEG-over-IP in combination with the AGnode. Any other/new projects (fe
DV-over-IP or HQ MPEG2) sound nice!

I will be in the office for a week, after this summer holidays till 16th


Bart Kerver

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