[AG-TECH] ClearOne & PIG?

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FYI, Windows XP has noise reduction, gain control, and echo cancellation
in software for one microphone.  You can see this in operation using
Windows Messenger without a headset today.  I haven't enabled this
functionality in ConferenceXP yet because I'm pursuing the small to
medium sized group scenario and the work is non-trivial.  I'd be glad to
put someone in touch with the right people inside Microsoft if someone
is interested in looking that this scenario.  Unfortunately, the
AEC/AGC/NR functionality is not exposed via an API as it's built-in to
the Windows Messenger codebase rather monolithicly.  They appear as DMO
filters using DirectShow GraphEdit but there are behind-the-scenes
initialization methods needed to get them to work.


 - jcb


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I agree that the ASPI EF 400 may not be suited for conference rooms with
3-5 people.  Our intent in trying it out was for PIG systems being used
by 1-2 people.  For this purpose the one-mic setup works fine.  There's
a caveat, however: when the speakers and microphone are near each other,
especially in a confined space, the EF400 is easily overpowered and
can't function effictively.  Thus, it's only effective in a larger space
where the speakers can be relatively far away.  We're still looking for
a good setup to solve this problem. 


This challenge aside, the audio quality it gives is far superior to the
soundstation premier or other products.  


As for suppliers or prices, I'm not sure, but there's a list of Aspi
Reps on the web page - http://www.aspi.com/contact/rep_map.html.

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	How much, what's a good supplier?


	I see they have only one microphone input?  How would that work
for even a small conference room with 3-5 people?  I am working from the
idea that 4 mikes is what would be needed to get a good signal from a
medium sized conference room.


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	Here is another device we are using for the PIG -



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		I had dial-up issues but took over the ADSL line in the
Regency club - what a difference..   We are testing a new device through
ASPI that is for a single user.  I will get you the information - but it
is much better then then the Polycom device.  We have also tested
headsets from Sennheiser (Modified Pilot headset - bad); Koss;
Plantronics and they were all bad.   


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		We haven't tried it here at ANL yet, but it certainly
looks like it fits the bill - if you decide to try it out, let us know
what you think ;-)


		On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Matthew Wolf wrote: 

		> I was looking for something in lieu of the (now
non-existent) Polycom 
		> Soundpoint PC recommended on the PIG specs, and I ran
across the 
		> ClearOne conference phone/PC interface.  Has anyone
tried this yet? 
		> http://www.clearone.com/products/audio/clearone.php 
		> Matt 
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		>         -- Matthew Wolf 
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		>         -- mwolf at cc.gatech.edu 

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