Jon Zeeff jzeeff at internet2.edu
Thu Sep 5 13:55:36 CDT 2002

It would be nice if someone created a converter box that encoded HD RGB to 
something that
would fit on a IEEE1394 cable.  Ie, similar to current $300 boxes that 
convert composite
NTSC to DV at about 5:1 DCT compression.  100 mbits or so is something we 
could work with much more easily.

At 01:39 PM 9/5/2002 +0200, Sascha Ignjatovic wrote:
>from me..
> >basicaly i would like to hear your opinion if a
> >high definition video access grid/multicast audio/video
> >conference system would be posible and which
> >requayerments such a system would have on
> >the network and computing equipment...
>replay from Colin Perkins <csp at purple.nge.isi.edu>
>It would certainly be possible, provided you have sufficient network
>bandwidth and high-definition cameras (indeed, we have an NSF-funded
>project to work towards this which will be starting later this year).
>We've run tests over Internet2, with gigabit Ethernet LANs, and it works
>well (although this only gives capacity for a unicast stream, and needs
>careful monitoring from the network operations staff). Our hosts are Dell
>PowerEdge 2500 servers (dual 1.2GHz PIII, dual 64bit PCI slots) with HDTV
>camera and video capture card. The host cost approx. $100k at the time we
>bought it (this included $80k for the camera, which should be much cheaper
>You can find an early version of our software, plus more details of the
>hardware needed, at http://www.csperkins.org/hdtv/download.html. We plan
>to make more advanced versions of the software available in future.....

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