[AG-TECH] udp network tuning - windows/vic

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Sun Nov 10 00:51:37 CST 2002

To date, I've left the UDP receive buffer static and received packets
into a ring buffer on a per RTP stream basis.  I set the ring buffer
equal to 4x the expected maximum frame size for the stream based on
payload type and then use best effort decoding/rendering out of that
buffer.  I have a dedicated thread that services the incoming packets
and posts them to the appropriate RTP stream's ring buffer.

I haven't had any issues such as not being able to properly service the
socket buffer with this approach, so I haven't had the motivation to
increase the UDP receive buffer size.  I'll ask our IP stack team your
question and see if I can come up with an answer, as I don't know it off
the top of my head.

 - jcb

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Hi all

We're working on some performance benchmark tools for the AG, and one of
the things that's got me baffled is tuning some of the network
parameters under Windows and/or in vic. Basically the UDP receive buffer
is set to 8kB, and we want to tweak it, either system wide (under
Windows) or application wide (under vic). I have plenty of references on
tuning everything under Unixen, and on tuning tcp under Windows - but
not udp :-( Searching the net, searching the registry, and other places
has been sadly unsuccessful.

If somebody knows the magic incantation under Windows (Jay?) or can
point me to the right section of the vic source <ugh>, I'd be very
grateful :-)



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