[AG-TECH] Multiple Capture Challenge

Heisen, Andrew [NCSUS] AHeisen at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
Fri Nov 8 14:07:08 CST 2002

Hi all,
I'm running PIG on a high-end workstation with WinXP.  I have three Osprey
capture cards running and I'm trying to add a 4th.  I've found that any
version of VIC that I try is limited to finding only 4 capture devices.
This is hardcoded into the program as the size of the array that keeps track
of all the possible sources.  So, since I already have 4 capture drivers
being detected (3 osprey plus the WDM legacy driver), vic can't detect the
4th Osprey card.
Can anyone think of a way, short of changing the vic code, to work around
this?  Either by prioritizing the order in which drivers are found or by
hacking the WDM driver out of the system? (I don't believe it's being used
for anything else anyway.)
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