[AG-TECH] Sound localisation work?

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 28 10:55:44 CST 2002

At 05:47 PM 11/28/2002 +0100, Ulrich Schwenn wrote:
>Even if it`s NOT AG, but RadVision has announced  to  provide a continous 
>presence layout (up to 16  subvideos) where the current "speaking video" 
>will get a coloured border -  I saw a demo on a Rad roadshow in october. 
>The idea should be transferable?

Definitely; we have the information available, it's a matter of getting it 
to the right place. In plan for the 2.0 stuff. (terry had the insight that 
with the four streams you may not know exactly which one is the active 
speaker, but you can highlight all of them - much more of a visual clue 
than nothing at all).


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