[AG-TECH] Sound localisation work?

Ulrich Schwenn schwenn at rzg.mpg.de
Thu Nov 28 10:47:35 CST 2002

Even if it`s NOT AG, but RadVision has announced  to  provide a 
continous presence layout (up to 16  subvideos) where the current 
"speaking video" will get a coloured border -  I saw a demo on a Rad 
roadshow in october. The idea should be transferable?

Ulrich Schwenn

Steve Slocombe wrote:

>>I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any work going on to do with sound
>>localisation in the AG? I'm thinking particularly of development to help
>>locate where peoples' images are on the screen and in holding
>>conversations between sites, or anything related.
>To help locate which image is producing the sound, perhaps having a symbol
>overlayed on the video image like a speaker icon, or a flashing border to
>identify the source.  Has anyone looked into the possibility of something
>along that line?


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