[AG-TECH] FW: Distributing the RAT sub-processes.

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu May 30 14:05:51 CDT 2002

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--> "S.Booth" writes:
>How difficult would it be to start the rat ui and engine processes on 
>different hosts and extend the mbus communications to the local 
>We are using RAT as part of an accessgrid setup where 
>sound,video-capture and video display are handled by seperate 
>computers. It would be quite convenient to run the gui on the main 
>display system leaving the engine to run on the audio system.

It should be simple: the .mbus file has configuration information, just
change the SCOPE= line to LINKLOCAL, and it should work. You'll need to
change the controller process to start the tools on the remote host, of


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