[AG-TECH] Development questions for vic on Windows

Chris Greenhalgh cmg at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Thu May 30 08:58:23 CDT 2002

White, Derek [NCSUS Non J&J] wrote:

> 3)        Should the Windows code (tcl, tk, vic) be compiled with the 
> single-thread or multi-thread run-time libraries (see Project Settings 
> -> C/C++ Tab -> Category="Code Generation"). Default seems to be 
> single-threaded.
from what i saw poking around in (ucl cvs) vic it is all built on a 
single threaded TCL interpreter, and everything (except for the windows 
video callback that causes the dual cpu crash) goes through the tcl 
event loop. there is no locking or support for re-entrancy that i could 
see anywhere. i would not fancy multithreading this... :-)

so i don't think it matters what libraries you link in (subject to the 
previous fix) because it is inherently single threaded (the 
multithreaded libraries will give extra - unused - threadsafeness).


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