[AG-TECH] Development questions for vic on Windows

White, Derek [NCSUS Non J&J] DWhite11 at NCSUS.JNJ.COM
Wed May 29 10:00:07 CDT 2002

As promised here are my first questions:
I am trying to debug a problem where vic stops transmitting after a few
hours. I got the AG source code from sourceforge, and compiled it using
Visual C++ 6.0 (using the IDE, not the command line). I am running on a 2
CPU Win2000 machine.
When I run the new vic, vic quickly gets a segmentation violation if I: set
quality=1, framerate=29, bandwidth=3000, turn on transmit (usually crashes
here), and play around with tiling. But, if I set vic's processor affinity
so it only runs on 1 CPU, it doesn't crash.
There are a lot of good clues for fixing this (including merging in Chris's
fix), but I have even more basic questions:
1)       Is the code on sourceforge really the latest?
2)       Why does the vic I compiled work (well, crash really :-)
differently than the released AG vic.
3)       Should the Windows code (tcl, tk, vic) be compiled with the
single-thread or multi-thread run-time libraries (see Project Settings ->
C/C++ Tab -> Category="Code Generation"). Default seems to be
4)       What is the status and direction of vic development with respect
a.       Direct draw, display and capture.
b.       AG vic vs. OpenMash vic vs. ucl vic vs. nlsde vic (am I missing
One of my main tasks is to improve the reliability of vic on SMP Windows
machines. I am looking forward to helping the AG effort, but I want to make
sure I'm starting with the right base and have the necessary background
 - Derek White
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