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Forget wheels, you need one of *these*

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"Ivan R. Judson" wrote:
> Hey Don,
> Exactly right, the critter cam is a usb camera, just need a usb port 
> (I got mine for $69 at fryes), the iBot was more expensive, $139, but 
> it's firewire, you need a firewire port.  The USB are more common, for 
> sure.

Thanks everybody, for your input!  I like the idea of a "critter cam" (sounds
kind of appropriate for a place like Montana that has lots of critters,
anyway!!) and may just get one myself and try it out locally.

Then, I need to start working on the high-powered camera jury rigs that Marty
keeps suggesting to me so we can give you some REAL wildlife shots now and then!
Marty's best suggestion, which I don't think he posted publicly (sorry Marty,
but it's so funny I HAVE to share it), is to 
mount a camera on a robot and have it chase the deer around on the mountain!!
Would whoever had the robot/camera at SC Global be willing to donate it for such
a noble cause?  Does it have 4-wheel drive?? :)
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