[AG-TECH] Using Access Grid for Activism Stuff

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed May 29 15:06:12 CDT 2002


This is a heads up and a "preliminary call for participation."
At the end of June, the G8 Summit is being held outside
of Calgary, and U. Montana (about six hours south) is
holding the Global Justice Action Summit (www.globaljas.org)
prior to that, as a forum to promote global justice,
economic sustainability, etc.

We're going to try to promote something simple and informal
for this, mostly in an effort to see if we can make the
activist communities around the world aware of the Access
Grid technology.  So, on Saturday, 21 June, from 2100-2300
UTC, we'll likely be hosting a workshop.  It will start with
a presentation by one of our folks on fuel cell technology,
and the hope is to transition from this issue to the issue
of using technologies like the AG for social activism.

Apparently, the Chicago bus system uses fuel cell technology
now, and we had one thought that - if anybody at ANL or other
sites in Chitown area were willing - it would be cool to have
someone from the Chicago bus system knowledgeable in the use
of the fuel cells come on and talk about successes, problems, 
etc.  Anybody in Chicago area "potentially" interested in 
arranging this sort of thing?

We'll also be strongly encouraging international participation.
After all, the AG will be billed as a tool to facilitate 
activist collaboration across the Earth and, what better way
than to get participation from across the Earth :)

This is just sort of a "feeler" right now, attempting to
gauge potential interest in the AG community.  If you think
your site "might" be interested in participating and, even
better, going out and contacting local activist groups to
solicit participation, would you please let me know?  Obviously,
if I get no responses, I'll probably can the whole idea so,
please let me know.

I'll be in Fairbanks then, so will have to bribe all my ARSC
friends with Moose Drool to let me attend from their AGN
(remember, it's the afternoon before the Midnight Sun Run,
so what better time to get tanked up on beer, eh?? :))


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