[AG-TECH] Demo in Lobby

Donald J Lewis djlewis at ualr.edu
Thu May 30 09:50:13 CDT 2002

Hello fellow AG'ers,
After building a serial cable today I hope to do some
testing of our newly rebuilt node today and tomorrow.
I expect the test room is better for hanging around and testing.

I will try to run the Gentner ap400 from the display machine.
I have both VIC and RAT in another room. I am limited to having
only one computer in the main room so DISPLAY wins thus eliminating
Please drop in and help me out if you can...
Thank you,
Don Lewis

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if anybody's bored and wants a brief chat with some
wild n crazy guys in montana, we'll be in lobby at 19:00 
UTC (14:00 CDT).  some guy has potential interest in
using our facility for some pre-G8 summit activities
in late june...... :)
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