[AG-TECH] using vic to send normal graphics

Chris Greenhalgh cmg at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Fri Mar 15 06:02:10 CST 2002

I'm sure some people are doing this already but...

I wanted to use VIC to stream from an OpenGL window (in s/w, no scan 
convert/video in) and created a simple pseudo-frame grabber (attached if 
anyone wants to play with it) that just calls a callback for you to fill 
in the data to send; compile it into vic and the static instance 
bootstraps its addition to the device list.

When using this I also found that on my machine (win2K, geforce2 
graphics card) doing glGetPixels off the (default) front buffer actually 
pulls in whatever is on the screen, so moving any application on top of 
my GL window causes it to grab that window's pixels (and so send them 
using the modified vic); may be easier than a vic grabber which is a vnc 
client for sharing desktop apps?! (but i don't know how many cards will 
exhibit this behaviour)

At some point I want to go the other way as well (i.e. take the incoming 
video streams and use them to update GL textures); has anyone done this 


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