[AG-TECH] AG node at Sandia/NM?

Cindy Sievers sievers at lanl.gov
Mon Mar 11 08:26:02 CST 2002

                      Sandia National Laboratories California
                             PO Box 969,MS 9037,Livermore, CA 94551
                             925-294-3338 (Access Grid Room)
                             Primary Contact: Lanette Radliff, 
lradlif at sandia.gov, 925-294-2672
                             Secondary Contact: Corbin Stewart, 
cjstewa at sandia.gov, 925-294-4856
                             Node Operator: Lanette Radliff, 
lradlif at sandia.gov, 925-294-2672
                             Network Administrator: Rich Gay, Rich at sandia.gov

At 06:37 AM 3/11/2002, bernholdtde at ornl.gov wrote:
>There's no listing for an AG node at Sandia/New Mexico on the
>www.accessgrid.org list, but I've heard they have one.  Can anyone
>help me find a POC for it (or plausibily deny its existence)?  Thanks
>in advance.
>David E. Bernholdt                   |   Email: bernholdtde at ornl.gov
>Oak Ridge National Laboratory        |   Phone: +1 (865) 574 3147
>http://www.csm.ornl.gov/~bernhold/   |   Fax:   +1 (865) 574 0680

Cindy Sievers           Los Alamos National Laboratory
sievers at lanl.gov        Group CCS-1 MS B287
tel:505.665.6602        Advanced Computing
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