[AG-TECH] APware running - always or just when needed

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Mar 18 12:22:37 CST 2002

At 09:33 AM 3/18/2002 -0800, Jonathan C. Humfrey wrote:
>We have been experiencing serious wierdness in our XAP 800 where both
>speakers will be producing very poor quality, static filled sound which is
>totally unusable.  At that point if we mute one of the two speakers (it
>changes each time) the other will work well by itself.  Eventually that
>speaker goes out, we need to mute it and the other comes back on.  Could
>this have anything to do with the fact that we are running AP Ware all the
>time?  Does anyone have any knowledge of a problem like this?

Hm, weird. You might doublecheck the gentner matrix to make sure you are 
not routing a microphone in put to the output being used as the echo 
cancellation reference (this can cause some weird effects). You can 
sometimes tell if this is the case if you tap on the microphone and you 
hear the tapping on the local speakers - if you haven't configured 
explicitly for local reinforcement, you shouldn't hear the local audio back.

If there isn't a matrix setting that looks like it'd cause the problem, but 
you hear the tapping, your PC card mixer may be looping back. If you have a 
late-model SB PCI128 or other AC97-compliant card, try this:

         aumix -l 0

and see if it helps. If it does, (assuming you're running the opensound.com 
drivers), you can run


to save the settings for the next reboot.

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